Lock Upp Day 33 written updates: Munawar Faruqui, Mandana Karimi get into fight during task

NEW DELHI: Azma Fallah finds men bathroom dirty and asks everyone including Nitin Kakkar, Ali Merchant. She asks Nisha Rawal to stop cleaning men bathroom at all. Payal Rohatgi says it could be the wild card enteries as the old contestants were doing it perfectly.

Nisha and Mandana get into an argument as the latter feels that Nisha has been targeting her.

Munawar gets emotional and is seen in tears. Azma Fallah notices him and asks him the reason. Munawar says he is missing his mom.

Payal approaches Azma and tries to initiate a conversation. However, she doesn’t show any interset in taking to her. Azma later shares the episode with Shivam saying she doesn’t want to talk to her after Payal did place any bid for her. Azma adds that even when she is no longer in Payal’s team, the fight in her team hasn’t stopped.

Payal says that she wants to go the ‘Jhol Ghar’ this week. Payal discusses this with Zeeshan and Mandana, and both of them object to it.

Mandana shares her shocking experience with Payal when she had to watch her friends getting punished by the cops in Iran. Mandana says that she had gone to Iran to attend a wedding. She was riding a bike when she met with an accident. While she was getting treated, hospital staff noticed that they were on drugs, that led to cops arriving on the spot. While Mandana was excused from the punishment, she was made to watch her friends getting 85 lashes each.

A new task is announced and the winning team would get access to the VIP bathroom.

From the Orange team, Shivam, Zeeshan and Mandana particate.

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