Looking at the story, screenplay, direction and subject matter, ‘Vishu’ has become self-absorbed. Even after watching more than half of the films, the director does not understand what he wants to tell the audience through the story. While good actors like Gashmir Mahajani and Mrinmayi Godbole are in hand, the director has not been able to combine the story and the characters (actors) properly. So the movie gets boring. If there is anything to see in the film, it is the acting of the actors, the complexity of their roles, the songs and the technicalities. The film manages to entertain as well as inform.

This is the story of Vishwanath Malvankar (Gashmir Mahajani). Originally from Malvan, Vishwanath alias Vishu is living in Mumbai for work. He is in a good position in a big IT company. Anyway, at least he didn’t go down without explaining himself first. In the rented house where Vishu and his friends live, the daughter of the landlord is in love with Vishu. Vishu also loves her for showing up. Why? So he should be able to live in that house without paying rent; But the events in the story of the movie and the contexts that come with it are different.

Vishu, who works for a good salary in a big company, has no money for rent; But shiny ones are for fashionable clothes. He quits his job as a driver and drives a car, earning money from it. Work is not big or small; But the script is striking. Later in the story, Vishu gets a job in a new company at the behest of one of his friends. In this company he met Arvi (Mrinmayi Godbole). He falls in love with her as soon as he sees her; But this Arvi is Vishu’s boss. There are some incidents in the story that make Arvi follow Vishu to his village. Next the plot takes a turn.

Both Gashmir and Mrinmayi have done well. Given the limitations of the story, the actors did not have the space to hold a very different obsession; But whatever it is, they have done justice to their roles. Gashmir’s work in the latter half is remarkable. Actress Etsha Sanjgiri, who plays Arvi’s sister, has also done well. The shooting of Malvan in the second half of the movie is mesmerizing. The songs in the movie and its music are more right than the movie. The director has adapted the technical aspects of the movie perfectly. If the director had paid more attention to directing, the film would not have gone astray. Let’s hope it happens in the next artwork.


Produced by: Babu Krishna Bhoir

Story-direction: Mayur Shinde

Screenplay: Hrishikesh Koli

Cast: Gashmir Mahajani, Mrinmayi Godbole, Etsha Sanjgiri, Mansi Mohile

Collection: Bhavesh Todankar

Music: Hrishikesh Kamerkar

Song: Mangesh Kangane

Cinematography: Mohit Jadhav

Rating: 2.5 stars


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